A few days on, from my grandson going into hospital, when he had broken his arm.

Two days ago, my grandson, was taken into hospital, after suffering, what the doctors think was a ‘reaction’ to the anaesthetic, used when they set his arm. He had a ‘chest infection’. However, contrary to doctors expectation, the little mite was still running around and shouting (2yr old).

There had been a delay, of some hours, to get an ambulance to him, while at home but that is another story (as they say).

Anyway, my grandson is now in a 1950’s style cot, with bars that stand as tall as him and he is trying to climb out! Doctors won’t let him home,(rightly) because he is using an inhaler and until he is not having to use it, for less that four hours, he must stay in.

My daughter (his Mum), has now been awake for two days straight and is weeping through exhaustion and stress. Last night, she had ‘FaceTimed’ me and she was struggling. Now, being in an Observation Ward, you would think they would be “observed” but as the Ward has two nurses and a doctor, for the whole thing, they are struggling too. The signs of poor investment are all around.

This is just one family, my family, and I know that many thousands more are affected by Tory cuts and manipulation of ‘enemy’ Councils.

I am hopeful that my daughter and grandson will be home today and she can recover her sleep and he can continue his little boy antics? The despair that is consuming our NHS, is deliberate and precise, a deterioration of service designed to provide a weakened monolith, and prime for corporate jackals to seize for profit?


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